Agency Guacamole is a different kind of agency.

Yes, we manage social media and PR campaigns for top beauty brands, handle influencer seeding in new and innovative ways, and produce award-winning consumer events.

But what really gets us excited is helping our clients bring their vision to life—digitally and IRL (in real life).

Telling our clients’ stories can mean offering social media management, producing an influencer-driven event, leading traditional media strategy/pitching or even placing clients in front of relevant organizations and conferences.

It sounds somewhat cliché, but we believe in helping clients connect the dots between all promotional tactics and larger business objectives.

Fewer buzzwords, less jargon = more meaning, better stories. 


Why Guacamole?

That’s a very common question, and we love answering it!

Just as a delicious guacamole recipe brings together various ingredients to produce a wonderful final product, so does Agency Guacamole's approach to digital, social media and PR: connecting the dots, sharing meaningful stories and inspiring all stakeholders to deliver impactful, impressive and (in some cases) delicious results


Agency Guacamole is based in Los Angeles with Bilal Kaiser at the helm. More on him below.

Who is Bilal Kaiser?

Bilal Kaiser in Los Angeles

Bilal Kaiser in Los Angeles

After working in marketing, public relations and social media roles at numerous companies—from Sony Pictures Entertainment to L'Oreal to smaller companies and non-profits like Big Brothers Big Sisters Los Angeles and the Television AcademyBilal Kaiser created Agency Guacamole.

Bilal's personal philosophy of appreciating delicious food and carbs translated quite well into his professional approach towards digital marketing and PR—somewhat literally, in this case. 

When he's not busy running Agency Guacamole, Bilal teaches digital and social marketing courses at UCLA Extension and General Assembly