Earlier this month, we worked with our client SocioFabrica, a San Francisco-based global digital strategy and design firm, to produce a panel and cocktail event around diversity in tech and design, handing everything from event planning and beverage sponsors to guest lists and actually working the event. 

Diversity in tech is a very relevant topic and we produced the sold-out event as part of San Francisco Design Week.

Titled (Designing) Women in Charge: A Conversation Around Leadership, Diversity & Design, the event was held in SF and featured 5 inspiring speakers: 

  • Sylvia Vaquer, Co-Founder & Creative Director at SocioFabrica
  • Jane Chung, Designer & Entrepreneur, previously at Klooff
  • Karla Gallardo, Founder & CEO at Cuyana 
  • Yuliya Gorlovetsky, Lead Designer at Big Tomorrow
  • Kayla Matheus, Founder at MOTI

Below is a quote from each panelist that we found moving, practical or just really good advice (and believe us when we say it was hard to choose one per person!). 



Let us know what you think in the comments.

-Bilal // Team AG

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