With 93% of shoppers making decisions influenced by social media, working in digital marketing has never been more exciting.

And with Agency Guacamole founder Bilal Kaiser teaching digital/social media marketing at UCLA Extension, FIDM and General Assembly, he’s often asked how those interested in getting into the field can actually get started.


Last month, Bilal was invited to the annual UCLA Career Week to speak on a panel titled What’s Trending in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Bilal and the panelists shared actionable advice on approaching job interviews, building up confidence and staying abreast of emerging technology trends in the fast-paced world of social media.

If you're looking for marketing career advice—or perhaps a moment of inspiration—check out these top tips from each panelist:

It’s OK to be good at some things and not others. The important part is knowing what you’re good at and embracing those skills.
— Bilal Kaiser
  1. Hard vs. Soft Skills: Bilal talked about the importance of having hard and soft skills (meaning computer skills and language abilities vs. empathy, collaboration and communication), and owning one’s strength and expertise.

    “It’s OK to be good at some things and not others. The important part is knowing what you’re good at and embracing those skills.”

    Bilal also talked about understanding that technology on its own is not a strategy, and the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

  2. Stay Curious: Matthew Marquez, Social Video Strategist at Fullscreen, suggested that surviving in the constantly evolving world of social media was to always be curious. No one knows it all, he explained, but one has to be constantly searching for news: whether it is the next new popular platform, or a viral piece of content.

  3. E.I. and Differentiation: Dr. Emmanuel Probst, fellow UCLA Extension Instructor and Director, Media & Digital practice at Kantar Millward Brown, emphasized how crucial developing emotional intelligence can be, and why it’s important to different oneself from others competing for jobs in the same field. His advice on impressing the prospective employer was “telling him something he cannot simply Google.”

Tell [prospective employers] something [they] cannot simply Google.
— Dr. Emmanuel Probst

Want to join us for a similar event on the UCLA campus? Bilal will be moderating a career-focused panel of social media marketers and content creators later this month. Join us and get answers to your digital marketing career questions!

Lastly, since landing your dream job can be stressful, we'll leave you with one more bonus tidbit from Bilal at the UCLA Career Week event:

“Go easy on yourself. Allow yourself to absorb experiences on a daily basis, both personal and professional, because those also add a level of richness to your overall experience—both as a human being and an employee, eventually. Allow yourself to enjoy life!” 

- Mila // Team AG