We all know that visuals are vital to social media success. Here are 5 tips from Team AG, including a few of our favorite tools and tricks, that we have selected to help you to create appealing visuals in no time—and put you on the road to success in social and digital marketing.

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Colors

We love colors! (Sorry, Henry Ford.) And not just because they’re pretty, but because colors can have subliminal meaning. It’s important to pay attention to colors you use for your text, images, CTAs (calls to action) and overall color palette.

Check out this handy graph showing logo colors and the underlying feeling of each. 

Tip 2: Less is More 

While true for many things in life, this approach is certainly true when overlaying text onto an image. Keep it clean and simple. We all love posting quotes, but remember that a good picture is worth a thousand words on its own.

Cool “quotes” apps to check out: LegendInstaQuoteCanva

Tip 3: Size Matters

Each social media network has its respective image sizes and it’s crucial to adjust your images accordingly. No need to memorize all those dimensions, though—check out this handy cheat sheet to resize your pics.

Tip 4: As They Say “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”

And sometimes, that’s true in marketing, too. Got a few images that turned out to be not so great? Instead of throwing them away, consider using them a different way—like in a collage to tell a broader story.

Here are “collage” apps we like: MoldivPicFrameInstagram Layout and Pic-O-Chimp.

Tip 5: Put On a Happy Face :) 

Dan Zarella states that images with faces get 35% more likes than ones without. Test it out by using faces in your photos. Not sure how you can do that for your brand? It’s surprisingly easy to do so..

  • Behind-the-scenes photos: Share your daily meetings, product development process, employees birthdays, etc., to show your fans the faces behind your company. 
  • User generated content (UGC). You may already share photos from your followers, so why not show photos of people using or talking about your product. In some cases, your community members may end up being your best models.

Check out these cool apps for curating UGC (user generated content): RepostRegramTagboard (to find UG content) and Nicho (one of our clients and a FANTASTIC way to aggregate social media content onto your website or at an event).

Have any tips of your own? Tell us in the comments or give us a shoutout on social (we're @agencyguacamole). 

-Mila // Team AG